Conditions of sale

1. Persons of the sale

The Seller is Montserrat Ribes Daviu, NIF 39004656Z,  and address in Centre Str. No. 1, of 08211 Castellar del Vallés (Barcelona - Spain).

The Buyer is the customer who personal data entered on the form , once accepted the General Terms of Purchase.

2. Figures information

The names and descriptions of the Nativity figures contained in this website are only a rough indication of a characteristic or action of each figure, to differentiate it from  others; it is not in any way an exhaustive description. In no event the content of a description requires the Seller to reproduce on the figure full details of the characteristic or action.

3. Pictures of Figures

The photographs, graphics and video or iconographic representations concerning the Nativity figures contained in this site are intended to provide as much information as possible to the Buyer. However they can not be considered as an exact replica of the figures in response to the following conditions:

- The resolution of the pictures on the web is necessarily limited.

- Due to the angle of view of each photo slight distortions may occur in the relative measurements between different parts of the figure.

- The color tones, while being very approximate, may never be identical to those of figure photographed.

- Remain unaccounted for many side and rear details of the figures, because most pictures are frontal.

All reproductions of photographs and illustrations on this website are property of the Seller, so your copy, use, distribution or dissemination of any kind must be authorized by him in writing.

4. Measures of Figures

Each figure is defined by the Collection’s Height and Figure’s Height.

The Collection’s Height is the common measure of all the figures that compose it, and is defined as "the height they would have these figures from head to toe if they were in an upright position without base".

The Figure’s Height is the measure of a concrete figure from the highest point to the ground, ie, including the base, if any.

Both measures should be considered approximate, and are conditioned by the artistic interpretation and diversity in height between men and women.

In some cases, the elderly and children, and always in the figures of animals (mules, oxen, camels, sheep, geese, chickens, dogs, etc...) one single height is not indicated, but a heights range that this figure may be indicated shapely with others.

5. Figures prices

The prices indicated in the figures do not include VAT or any other taxes, but  in the last phase of the purchase is calculated and added to determine the total amount. However, in intra-community purchases or those made from the Canary Islands, there is no such charge, and even though it appears in the total amount added, will be excluded in the invoice and the amount payable.

Normally the prices are reviewed once a year and its validity goes from 1 April to 31 March of the following year; however the Seller reserves the right to change prices at any time up or down if circumstances warrant. In the upward adjustments, the Seller will respect the prices backorders serving; downward adjustments will affect these backorders.

6. Shipping costs

Shipping costs are not included in the prices of the figures, because it will not be known until the order is ready; the amount depends on the weight and dimensions of the boxes sent. Then the Seller will contact the Buyer (via telephone or e.mail) and inform you of the cost of transport and the new total amount to bill and pay.

The figures therefore are shipped with prepaid transportation costs charged on the invoice.

The usual transport to ship the goods will be either state-owned post office, or a courier company near the home Seller, depending on the urgency, destination and service saturation. However the Purchaser, if you wish, you may indicate the carrier or courier you prefer.

7. Billing and Payment

Payment may be made by money order or by wire transfer to a bank account of the Seller, and shall be communicated to the Buyer when the order is ready.

The invoice will be printed once received payment of the total amount, and included in one of the boxes of the expedition; however if the formalities for payment the Buyer he needed a document before, you send a rated order or pro forma invoice via e- mail.

8. Our return policy

Figures of Pessebre, offer the return of most products within 30 days from receipt by the consumer. Most of the products sold in Figures de Pessebre are subject to the general return policy, however some of them have certain peculiarities when returning them.


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