Evocation of the painting "Annunciation to Mary" by El Greco

To mark the 400th anniversary of the death of Greco, the Association of Friends of the Crib Madrid has made in Crib Scenes of Community of Madrid-2014, in Correos Street, next to the Puerta del Sol, a considerable size building, so evokes Greco's memory as a backdrop, and with it the city of Toledo as it was 400 years ago.

But more important is the CRIB, in the foreground, and in him are Nativity with the shepherds and kings who worship, the Annunciation to Mary, the Annunciation to shepherds, and the procession of the Magi, basically, among other scenes.

All figures and scenes reminiscent the "grequiano" style, but for a direct evocation to Greco, they chose the painting that recreates the Annunciation to Mary, of the Prado Museum. In collaboration with sculptress Montserrat Ribes has reproduced the content of this famous painting, with two clay figures "one piece", about 28-30 cm, which reproduce exactly this scene. The effect is spectacular. We accompany pictures of the scene and details of the figures, and also the original Greco painting.